Employer Retaliation

Retaliation laws protect employees who suffer retaliation for engaging in protected conduct. Whistleblower retaliation statutes provide remedies to employees who are terminated for making good faith reports of unlawful conduct to government or law enforcement agencies.

Retaliation laws also protect employees who make internal complaints of employment discrimination or refuse to engage in illegal conduct. The employee must reasonably believe that the employer or a related third-party is violating a law that exists for the benefit of the general public. Examples of employer retaliation include making complaints about discrimination against other employees, violations of building codes, overcharging and defrauding customers, overbilling the government, and refusing to violate health and safety regulations.

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If you’ve decided to blow the whistle on workplace misconduct or an illegal practice, the retaliation lawyers at Kelley•Semmel, LLP will support you through the process. We are able to advise you about possible employer retaliation and educate you about all the whistleblower retaliation laws.

We also provide advice and counsel to employers facing an alleged whistleblower complaint, and defend employers who have been sued for retaliation.