Trade Secret Law & Unfair Competition Litigation

A trade secret attorney can protect you and your information if a theft of your trade secrets has occurred. On the other hand, you may need a trade secret attorney if you are accused of misappropriating someone else’s trade secrets.  

A trade secret is information, including a formula, pattern, compilation, device, method, technique or process that:

  • Derives independent economic value from its being known only to its owner; and
  • Is the subject of reasonable efforts to keep the information secret.

Some customer lists are trade secrets and some are not - depending on how they were compiled and maintained. Theft of trade secrets can carry serious, expensive consequences.

Kelley•Semmel, LLP represents both the holders of trade secrets and confidential information as well as departing employees or owners wishing to start a new business. Where necessary to protect the wrongful use of trade secret information or other unfair competition, we swiftly seek a temporary restraining order and/or preliminary injunction before trade secret litigation. We draft, advise and assist clients with respect to their rights and obligations under Confidentiality, Employment and Partnership Agreements.

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Trade secret litigation is fast-paced, with the outcome of the case often decided upon a motion for preliminary injunction early in the case. If you have a trade secret dispute brewing, contact the trade secret attorneys at Kelley•Semmel, LLP promptly.

Our trade secret attorneys can give you solid advice as to how to start a new entity without being sued for theft of trade secrets or unfair competition, defend against accusations of trade secret misappropriation and/or protect and defend trade secrets of your own.