Breach of Contract and Fraud

The breach of contract attorneys at Kelley•Semmel, LLP have the commitment necessary to protect your rights and interests. We can provide a breach of contract attorney for you who understands breach of contract law and is an effective negotiator and litigator.

At Kelley•Semmel, LLP, our practice includes all manner of business relationship disputes, from breach of contract, fraud, partnership and disputes among owners of closely held corporations, to disputes under the Uniform Commercial Code.

In analyzing your breach of contract claim on defenses, we focus on beneficial solutions to save you time and money.

How Do Breach Of Contract Claims Start?

Under a contract, the rights and obligations are often unclear because of unanticipated events or poor drafting. When this happens and breached contracts occur, expensive litigation could confront you. We’ve handled many breach of contract claims and lawsuits, and our attorneys have the knowledge to find good solutions for your case.

Contact Our Breach Of Contract Law Firm

At Kelley•Semmel, LLP, we have breach of contract attorneys ready to support you from strategic advice when breaches first occur to enforcing your rights through mediation, arbitration or trial. Many breach of contract cases resolve through settlement, which often makes sense to reduce risk and save costs.

Our experienced attorneys understand breach of contract law, know how to evaluate the risks involved in a breach of contract claim, and have the expertise to take your case to trial and win. Contact Kelley•Semmel, LLP for a consultation as soon as possible.