Mediator, Arbitrator, Discovery Referee and Workplace Investigator

In 2015, Amy Semmel was honored to be appointed to the American Arbitration Association National Roster of Employment Arbitrators. She has served as arbitrator in excess of 100 matters addressing a wide range of employment and consumer law claims, including race discrimination, disability discrimination, gender discrimination age discrimination, retaliation, whistleblowing, wrongful termination, breach of contract, theft of trade secrets and breaches of non-disclosure agreements, as well as many wage and hour matters and consumer disputes.

Ms. Semmel also serves on the American Arbitration Association National Roster of Employment Mediators. Ms. Semmel is available to mediate employment and business litigation cases either privately or through the AAA. Ms. Semmel also serves on the Central District of California Mediation Panel.

Having adjudicated numerous discovery disputes as arbitrator, Ms. Semmel is also available as a discovery referee. As an arbitrator and discovery referee, Ms. Semmel seeks to resolve disputes as efficiently and fairly as possible, while maintaining an appropriate balance with the needs and entitlements of the parties to conduct discovery permitted by law. She is mindful both that discovery may be critical to a party’s ability to prosecute or defend its case, and that some information and documents may be obtained only by discovery, sometimes from third parties. At the same time, she understands that discovery can be quite burdensome and that parties sometimes attempt to use discovery as a weapon. She is well familiar with e-discovery issues, including the use of forensic data collection and review services.

Please contact case manager Crystal McCarey at [email protected] for rates and availability should you wish to schedule Ms. Semmel’s services as a neutral.