Anheuser-Busch Investigation

Have you experienced Age Discrimination by InBev/Anheuser Busch during the hiring process?



We are looking for witnesses/people who have witnessed or experienced Age Discrimination by InBev/Anheuser Busch in California.

We believe that InBev/Anheuser Busch has discriminated against numerous older workers and systematically looked over them for younger workers when applying for a job for which they are qualified for.  This conduct violates the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.

Victims of age discrimination are entitled to recover damages for monetary losses and emotional distress, among other things.

Have you experienced or know someone over 40 who has experienced any of the following while interviewing for an Anheuser-Busch position:

  • Rejected for a job that you have all the qualifications for?

  • Have ever been asked a question directly or indirectly that deduces your age?

  • Received a rejection letter that shows direct evidence that your age was used against you?

  • Learned that the job you applied for was filled by someone that does not have the qualifications stated in the job description?

  • Retaliated against for complaining of age discrimination?


If you have information about Age Discrimination at InBev/Anheuser Busch, please contact Kelley▪Semmel LLP through Facebook, by email at or call 323-592-3450 x102.