Client Testimonials

For Amy Semmel

“… with Amy I always felt well supported and informed.” Lea T.

“Powerful and extremely influential in her field of expertise….” “… my calls were always (and I mean always) answered and returned.” Anonymous Client

“Amy was very patient, understanding and considerate.” “We ended up with a great settlement and were very pleased.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Amy Semmel!”Sandy

“I have dealt with several attorneys in the past, but in my opinion, Amy Semmel is the best by far.”John

“The good news is that Ms. Semmel has successfully negotiated a settlement on my claim….  I highly recommend Ms. Semmel for representation on employment related claims.”Christine

“Throughout the litigation process she kept me updated on all developments….  I learned that Ms. Semmel is a creative problem solver, who works efficiently in order to succeed.”Ben

“Amy Semmel is the best employment attorney a person could ever find.”Rosa A. (Attorney)


For Paul Kelley


“Great result Paul.” “Paul, Great Work. It appears Judge … amended his decision with all of your inputs….” Ron W.

“I have seen just how good Paul Kelley’s work is ….” Richard M. (Attorney)

“Thank You again for dealing with all of this and being so thorough. You have truly saved us a lot of headache.” “Paul, you rock! Thank god for your thoroughness, and preparedness…”Karen W.